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How to make water out of ice

A Performancelecture at the exhibition "BildMachtWissen" in cooperation with the "Salzburger Festspiele" during the opening celebration of the Festspiele. Together with Yunchul Kim. July 2008.


We cannot tell the whole story again but here you can find some objects and scenes we were showing. It all started with the incredible story of a Norwegian deep-freezing his grandfather in a barn behind his house in Nederland, Colorado. The man was a big believer in cryogenics, a technique which was started to be developped during the race to the moon in the middle of the cold war. In memory of this event people in Nederland celebrate the "Frozen Dead Guy Day" every year. One specialty of the celebration is to jump into icecold water for a few seconds to maybe get an idea of death.

IMG_9125.jpg IMG_9036.jpg img027.jpg

"Frozen Astronaut" - Paul van Hoeydonck ist the creator of a scultpture that the crew of the Apollo 15 took to the moon. His "Fallen Astronaut" is freezing up there since 1971. We made an ice replica of the sculpture and dropped it into "Hot Ice" watching the result on an OHP. The hot ice makes the astronaut slowly melt leaving a negative form of it behind in its cristalline shapes.

IMG_9133_gelber.jpg IMG_9048.jpg

"Freeze Frame" - According to some reports it should be possible to freeze the liquid crystals in an LCD-screen. We tried it out with a cooling tower and a lot of dry ice. Unfortunately the cooling liquid froze completely at a temperature of around -40 degrees celsius while the frames of "Pierrot le fou" kept on passing by...

IMG_9139.jpg IMG_9134_dunkel.jpg IMG_9143.jpg

"Ice Membranes" - Based on the idea of freezing sounds in order to store them, we built speakers the mainly consist of ice. While we were playing the final scene of Solaris the speakers slowly melted away. The audience enjoyed the sound coming through the table.


A last glimpse on parts of our setup.... It was a beautiful, hot summer day in Salzburg...