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Billy crossing the red sea

Drawing and 3D-Rendering

Digital Print, 150x150cm

„Billy crossing the red sea“ connects Christian mythology and capitalist ubiquity. Its first source  is „Parting of the red sea“ by Julius Schiller from his „Coelum Stellatum Christianum“ 1627. It was a Christian Approach to remap the sky and to install images above our heads..
The second source, Billy, is the most widely sold shelf by a Swedish furnishing house. It can be found in many European households. It is on stock in 27 shops in the US, in 6 stores in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait) and 200 other stores all over the world except Africa.

„Billy crossing the red sea“ raises questions about cultural imprints. It combines drawing and 3D rendering in one image. Some parts are the result of human imagination and its cultural roots and others are the outcome of automated growth processes.