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EarwormCollider: Musical Particle Accelerator, Soundinstallation.

Everybody can collide earworms in the EarwormCollider: two pieces of music are shot into each other in a microwave field and merge into a new one.


With the Ohrwurmbeschleuniger you can accelerate the general development process of Earworms. Instead of cooking food, new pieces of sticky music evolve.
- And it can be operated like a commercial microwave oven.


You can select 2 of the 10 available pieces and start the collision. You choose the cooking program and the duration. Depending on the settings, the 2 earworms bang into each other. The result can be listened to immediately after the process.


How to use it + Explanation (QT 18,5MB)  watch it!


Technical Insights ( 4,2MB)  watch it!