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Leaking (for the time being)

Leaking (for the time being) is a processual sculpture  more


a series of hand deployable ephemeral sculptures


Maelstrom is a dynamic object. It shows a drawing process in a liquid medium. On closer inspection it is a sculptural process..  more

Collective Perspective

Research into the organization of collective imagination - with the help of 25 artist and researchers

Still life

Toothpaste-Animation, HD-Video, 6'

Billy crossing the red sea

Drawing and 3D-Rendering


A world with a fluid atmosphere in a glass tank. Dark crystals grow trying to make connections. Constellations develop. They generate sound. And after some time they dissolve into clouds..., Dynamic Sculpture.  more


EarwormCollider: Musical Particle Accelerator, Soundinstallation.  more

His master's voice

Robotic Board Game.


Enhanced PlayStation2 Controller.


Enhanced Duelling Artefact.

SoundSlam Series

Sensitive Punching Bag - 3 different approaches to the most intense way of pushing buttons.  more