Art and thingness

read Sven Lütticken’s “Art and Thingness” from the e-flux journal in three parts:
part 1, part 2, part 3

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Amazing Mr. Bickford

Bruce Bickford is a master. His clay animations exceed every attempt to describe them. Watch them! “Animation is concentrated energy.”

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Mika Rottenberg – Dough

The video “dough” by Mika Rottenberg will be exhibited at de Appel Amsterdam starting at March 12.

In a setup of an unusual maze-like production line, women produce dough. They knead, they stretch, they vacuum-pack it. One worker, played by Raqui, has a central role in the production. After having sent the dough through a hole in the floor, she is provided with flowers through another hole in the wall which make her cry. Her tears drop down from her toe and make the dough swell before it is sent out.

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exhibition: “Transformed Objects”

KAI10|Arthena Foundation in Düsseldorf is showing the exhibition “Transformed Objects” until April 17.

John Bock, Ma'am Prosciutto Crudo

Margret Wibmer, shelf life

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Soft Architecture Machines

In 1975 Nicholas Negroponte predicted the future of soft architecture machines, that won’t help us in the design process of architecture, but will be our living environment. The key to that will be the combination of the material substrate of the building with computational processes. Two aspects will play a key role in that: soft and cyclic. soft means the ability of the building’s materials to reshape and retaining memory of past forms. Cyclic refers to the material’s ability to assemble and disassemble as nature usually does.

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Poodle to whatever…

Sandy Paw has realized some wonderful transformations with her poodle Cindy. Great work and thank you Sandy for the fun:

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List of stories

Transformationlist offers a large collection of stories in which transformations occur.

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Jason Hopkins

Jason Hopkins is an illustrator and digital artist from London interested in the post human.

An interesting fusion of structure and flesh finished with ZBrush.

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Metamorphoses and other worlds

Metamorphosis is not limited to shape-shifting but always connected to a soul, a spirit or an identity which are not regarded as stable or singular anymore. Of course there is still the antique notion of metamorphosis as something inflicted by gods, the surprising interruption of a natural development and the organic process of life which are as such interesting. But what about transformations that are induced by the environment?
Stories about metamorphoses are often found in places of temporal, geographic and mental crossings, vivid exchange and places of cultural variety and communication. Rich areas were the mediterranean in the antique and their reinterpretation in the renaissance as well as the carribean with its crossover of American cultures, European conquerors and the African diaspora with their spiritual and magical tradition – a fertile arena for mutation and shape-changing swaps.
Nevertheless Marina Warner surprised me by bringing up a lot of examples found in gothic fiction: Bodysplitting, Doppelgänger and most noteably the zombie. She sees the zombie as an ultimate transformation and reaction to secularisation and an extension of an empirical spirit as a new psychic constellation, based on observation, control and non-interference.

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Asterios Polyp

This blog shall start with a visual meltdown, showing the attraction and combination of seemingly opposite principles whose offspring shall populate the following entries. So it starts with the outstanding graphic novel Asterios Polyp. Please do read it. The story and visual langauge are very rich, deep and worth multiple readings. But let’s just focus on some visual tidbits: the conceptual mind and architect Asterios Polyp meets a timid sculptor on a faculty party. She will be his future wife. Their worlds start to melt into each other:

whenever they will fight, their worlds will seperate and eventually reunite:

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